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did you know? 

cleaning process:

The stinky can truck elevates your trashcan the same way your current trash management company does today.  This eliminates any risk of damaging the can during the cleaning process.  A biodegradable cleaning solution is applied to the inside of the can and a 2200psi high-pressure sprayer delivers hot bacteria killing water through a specially designed head that ensures a clean can.  All waste water is fully contained by the stinky can unit enabling us to responsibly dispose of the waste.  Then with a finishing touch of citrus scent the can is clean and ready for use 

In most cities washing your garbage cans into the gutters and into storm drains is illegal and bad for the environment.
here at stinkycan all waste water is contained and properly disposed of.
bacteria's such as E-coli, Salmonella and many more likely lurkin in your can